About Me

I’m Elizabeth Petersen, a busy mom of two boys, the stylish gal of the house, and the creator of Elizabeth Ave. If you’re just interested in knowing the oh-so-juicy details of my life and following me on Instagram, you can skim to the bottom and read 22 random/fun/personal FAQ’s about me. Otherwise, here’s the gist of my blog:

I see this fashionable crafting and lifestyle blog as a creative place for readers to find inspirations and tutorials to kick their own creativity into high gear. My bachelor’s degree in Education has provided me with a great understanding of how people learn, and I think you’ll see that come through at Elizabeth Ave.

Sewing Tutorials

Sewing is my main platform for creativity. I love teaching about sewing almost as much, and now you can find many sewing tutorials on Elizabeth Ave, ranging from versatile A-line skirts to baby swaddling blankets.

Tips and Lifehacks

Are you looking for tips on being stylish, frugal, or organized? Not necessarily all at the same time. I’m obsessed with organizing life into lists (FAQ #14 below) and these lists might just be helpful to you too. You can also find my list making habits running rampant on Pinterest.

Outfit Posts

I’ve done a few outfit posts, and I’m still nervous and uncomfortable every time I take a gazillion photos of myself. However, I love shopping and fashion too much to stay away from it. You do too? You can shop my top picks for us ladies or for the little’s here.

I’ve been able to use this blog as the launching point for teaching a beginner sewing course, and am available to teach workshops on sewing, crafting, or the creative process. If you are interested in my services head over to my Collaboration page to learn more!

Elizabeth Ave is all about enjoying and sharing creativity. Please never hesitate to contact me and share your creative endeavors. I can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

Now for the juicy details; here are 22 Not So “Frequently Asked Question.”


1. I’m a Mormon: A follower of Christ. And I love it.
2. I’m the mother of 2 beautiful, wild boys.
3. My husband is Filipino-American. I secretly love Filipino family gatherings the most!
4. My favorite color is citron yellow; hence the blog accent colors.
5. When I was a little girl, we lived in a house on Elizabeth Ave. I have fond memories of that home.
6. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.
7. I like teaching school but prefer teaching creativity. There’s a difference.
8. I have a slight Audrey Hepburn obsession.
9. And then there’s also that Harrison Ford obsession too.
10. I went to state sports competitions 6 times in high school for cross-country, track, and tennis.
11. Now, I rarely like competitive sports (except whipping my husband at tennis). I prefer to bike, hike, or run for the fun of it.
12. I love Belgian Waffles and pineapples, but not together.
13. My second son was born 8 days early, and I hadn’t even packed my hospital bag before I started going into labor! Mad panic ensued.
14. I love making lists, especially to-do lists.
15. I once wrote a list all about why I love the number 2. There were 22 items in that list.
16. Oh, my favorite number is 2, BTW.
17. My mom taught me how to use a sewing machine.
18. I taught myself how to sew clothing.
19. My college professor taught me how to sew using a pattern, and other technical stuff.
20. My first son is a whirlwind of energy, dinosaur pretend play, and Scooby-Doo references.
21. I went to school in a 1 room schoolhouse in Oregon (they still exist) for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. My dad was my teacher.
22. I spent 3 weeks in Europe with my husband and we someday dream of being on the Amazing Race together… I think he still want’s me as his teammate ☺!

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